Mutant Year Zero

Day 26 - 31

Day 26

Headed to the west tunnel, we dug it out, the Drek dogs will seal it behind us.

Headed to I-13 to get the old car, and hook up the bitter beasts

Axel Failed at trying to hook up the car

Headed back to the Ark, hid car near the ark

Took over the west tunnel as our secondary base

Day 27

Headed back to the car – spent afternoon at work getting it ready to hook it up to the bitter beasts

Our car now has an inventory of 22.

*Day 28
*Call for an assembly

We want Cropland and to go on an expedition

Malorix – wants a tavern

We swayed Creed to vote for the cropland

We succeed

Day 29
Cropland project done in 1 day!

Day 30 AE
Hooked up the bitter beasts and took off!

Headed to explore M-15
we see more tarmac
Rot level 1
more fences, holding area for aircraft
see rusted out remains of 3 old aircraft

Heard noises from the other side of the compound
A bunch of rec-tards were fighting (leader named Wendal)
Stealth-fully, went over, they spotted Sobek

Went and talked to them. they were training for competition

grey caps offering this competition up to the north west
offer an artifact for entrance
comp starts in a few days

Collected scrap from the planes

started to follow them, they headed into L-16 (airport)

L-16 Rot Level 1 – unexplored

Headed back to get grain from the Silo

Filled the wagon with the grain from the silo

headed back to the Ark

Day 31

Headed back out with some grain to trade with those people
Found signs of their camp, they went onto H-12

Explored H-12
Rot level 1
Towards far corner, very large bridge over water, can see large river in other sectors, other side has red water with vapors coming out

Explored G-11
Highway continued
rot level 1

assaulted by 4 creatures – lizard men wielding tridents
Attacked by Aguna-dons – used by fishermen who live in swimming pools and use tritents
2 sling shots, bow with 3 arrows, trident

headed back to the ark, but we were too tired so we set up camp in the sector



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