Mutant Year Zero

Sketch's notes for Day 13 - 17
The Happening: When the cage went brown

Day 13

Accepted into Drek Dogs Gang

Axel – 2nd in command
Roland – Stg. At Arms
Sketch – Secretary
Stilts – Quatermaster
Sobek – Capt. of Dags
Gavin – Getter of things

Sketch and 5 drek dags went to find out who Barnabas is fighting – Mog
- went to exhaust ports – to west tunnel – emergency exit -

Axel – went out on his own – explored I13 rot Lv 1- highway goes north towards H13
ran into two large lizards (larger than a man) called Bitter Beasts
large truck

Roland and stilts went to find out more info – Roland dick punched a cult guy who was watching us
looked for ways to deal with Mog.

Day 14

Managed to sneak laxative into Mog’s food
Fight day in gilded cage
Slinky went down quick, Mog shit himself and fell into unconsciousness – Barnabis our Boss beat them down big time and is now known as the brown fist

Day 15
Defense project – completed – added 4 points to defense

Day 16
Zone expedition to I-13
Rot Level 1
3 Bitter beasts

we attacked and killed them, except 1 which we captured to train and bring back
Found a flash light

Day 17
Assembly called
We want Stables to increase warfare and food and an expedition
Boss wants us to go south to find old team of drek dogs

Sketch's notes for Day 9 - 12
The Ark was attacked by Zone L-15 Wreckers

Day 9

Worked on Gilded Cage

Day 10

During the morning, we were attacked by Zone L-15 Wreckers

Advanced scouts infiltrated our base, main force came with 4 vehicles with giant mallets on top

Bomb found on pedway

Axel managed to diffuse the bomb, Kriger had his skull crushed and died.

Managed to drive them away but took a lot of damage to our defenses

Investigation as to how they infiltrated our base

- told that yesterday after we went to air base, a second group left the ark

To service buildings, Fat Tom’s area / boarded up well

Giant statue created by Axel – Giant Mallet

Day 11
Finished zone wrestling
increased warfare by 1

Day 12

New boss, Ogre – gang of 12
Roland is Sgt. at arms

Called an Assembly
Rebuild defences – passed
Zone expedition – passed
All bosses offer up security for the Ark – passed

Ogre will take on 2 of Malorax’s guys to prove that the zone wrestling was a waste

Turned in the binoc- ulars and upped our technology by 1

Sketch's notes for Day 6 - 8
Explored L-15

Day 6

Exploring Sector L-15

Rot Level 1

Approached the fence
We struggled to get under it, Axel rigged up a brace for the fences.

Mutants over in the buildings

Lots of buildings, air control tower, a bomber is being worshiped by the mutants on this site.

We moved around to gain access to the control tower.

Found an artifact – Binar-cleares (Binoculars)

Rested for 4 hours

Moved though old buildings, kept away from other people

Creeper under a window, Sketch looked in. Wreckers spotted me.

Wreckers came out with sling shots, Sketch cut one down with his Machete. Axel attacked another, Sobeks dag attacked one,

Grabbed 6 sling shots, 6 spiked bats, in the wreckers rooms we found a bunch of equipment, torch’s, 2 spades, water, grub.

On our way back to the Ark, we suffered one point of rot.

Day 7

De-contaminated (reduced rot)

Ark Defense project

Day 8
Ark Defense project – Increased warfare by 4 (to 9)

Day 9

Sketch's notes for Day 1 - Day 5
Explored Zone J-13

Day 1
The Assembly
Outcome: Expedition and Temple

Sketch – Performed for the Ark, received 6 bullets for singing his amazing “songs of the Ark”

Gavin – Made deals and received 12 bullets

Krieger – Went and “Obtained” scrap

Sobek & Axel – Worked on Temple

Day 2
Zone Expedition
Krieger – found us a path to Sector J-13

J-13 – Scrublands (Rot Level 1)
Threat: Found tracks, 4 legged mammals running around in a pack, Dags.

Followed tracks to a cave, found at least 6 dags. Attached them.

Krieger sprained his ankle, Gavin fell and hit his head on rocks, stunned.

We finally killed them. Went into cave, found 4 bullets and a skeleton hunched over holding a metallic ball with a handle and round pin. ( Hand G-Nad artifact)

Headed back to the ARK.

Day 3
Took the G-Nad (Grenade) into the Dawn Vault

Rest of us except Krieger, worked on the Temple

Day 4
Everyone but Krieger worked on the Temple – Finished it.

Day 5
The Assembly
Outcome: Defense & Expedition to Sector L-15

Axel created an Armoured Rot Suit


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