Nurse Emilee

Ark Vet/Doctor


Emilee is one of the Ark’s only citizen’s with any kind of medical training. When old Doc Urban developed rust lung and stared dying, Emilee was the student he took on. Doc Urban died six weeks into her training, so there is a great deal she doesn’t know, but in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed woman is king… or queen… or whatever.

Emilee is visibly mutated, but her knowledge makes he invaluable to the Ark and she’s the best (if not the only) doctor/vet (there’s not much difference on the Ark) that anyone’s seen in a long time. Given enough experience, she might well surpass Doc Urban’s impressive 12% patient survival ratio.

While she is thus far oblivious to advances, she is one of the few people in the Ark that Sobek truly cares for. If you’ve been injured in a raid or hunting party and survived (with most of your libs intact), it’s probably because you got Nurse Emille instead of one of the hack jobs masquerading as med techs.


Nurse Emilee

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