Mutha Crusha

One ugly hack...


Mutha Crusha is actually two beings that act as one unit.

Mutha is basically an amorphous mound of flesh with an very thin layer of skin over her enlarged brain. Her “body” ends mid-torso where it actually grows out of Crusha’s right shoulder. She is incapable of moving on her own, although she does posses a set of small arms for manipulating items.

Crusha is a gargantuan man, all muscle and sinew. His body is scarred and shows evidence of many fights. For the most part Crusha never speaks. The most he will ever utter is grunts or yells and the occasional squeal of delight, especially when pulling one of his victims apart piece by piece.


Mutha is the brains of the operation, telling Crusha what to do. She is incredibly intelligent despite her penchant for using very simple sentences and small words. Most believe this is done for Crusha’s sake. It was Mutha who came up with the idea of growing yeast as a source of food and as such she oversees the production.

Crusha is the brawn in this duo. He is in full control of the majority of his bulk and uses it to great effect. Crusha is feeble minded, but incredibly strong. He mostly follows Mutha’s directions. He is content as long as he gets a chance to break things (or people) every once and a while. There are very few who can best him in hand-to-hand combat.

Mutha Crusha

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