Krieger "The Parasite" (KIA)

Young, fierce and naive...the parasite is a lean but deadly predator who is as broken and corrupted on the inside as his body is on the out.



Strength 4
Agility 4
Wits 4
Empathy 2

Endure 0 Force 0 Fight 1
Sneak 1 Move 0 Shoot 1
Scout 2 Comp. 0 KtZone 2
SenEmo 1 Manip. 0 Heal 0

Specialist Skill – Find the Path 2

Mutations: Parasite

Talents: Scavenger


Krieger is a young and brash Mutant who is drawn to the zone, to the world beyond the ark. And as resources dwindle, and the population dies off, he knows that something needs to be done.

His white skin, bald head and creepy red eyes set him apart from most others in the ark. Sure, we are all mutants, but there is just something off about this guy…not to mention he’s a parasite, living off the life energy of others.

He has struggled to find his place in the ark for much of his life which has led him to get involved with the wrong people time and again. But with the aid of some close friends Krieger is beginning to find his true path.

I hate the boss Creed, he’s a asshole with his fingers in everything

I need to protect Paxson, he knows more of this world than anyone…maybe even the elder

My dream is to find something out in the zone that will change everything

Krieger "The Parasite" (KIA)

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