Joshua "Sobek" Wells

Severely mutated dog handler with amphibious and flame breathing powers


“During one of the lean years in the Ark, I actually caught a ganger tryin’ to break into my kennels… Poor bastard musta thought he’d grab a dog and get a quick meal. Soon as I heard the barkin’ I was up. Knife at his throat… beggin’ for mercy. I made it quick. I call that mercy. He didn’t have to worry no more ‘bout feedin’ himself. They dogs ate well for week. Was the first real meat they’d had in damn near a month.”

Sobek took his name from character feature on a page torn from an old and colourful paper book. Someone had pasted it to one of the walls of the pits of the Ark where Sobek had grown up.

Sober prefers the company of his dogs to that of (most) people. His childhood was terrible, even by Ark standards. Sobek was born obviously mutated, and had been abandoned by his parents too after birth. Someone took him and raised him till he was old enough to work, but he was traded from family to family, shop to shop, until he was about 13. Sobek was a good worker for a child, but his appliance always put people off, and he would inevitably be traded off to another job site. Until he was traded to Pax and the Ark’s dog kennels.

Once he began working for Pax, Sobek knew he had found his calling. The dogs of the kennels did not care that face looked like Old World luggage, or that his smile looked like a traffic accident in a graveyard. The dogs only cared about the fact the always had treats in his pockets and that he never hit them (unlike some of the other kennel workers).

Pax saw potential in Sobek and eventually gave him several dogs to start a second kennel. “People’s gonna need ta start leavin’ da Ark soon.” Pax had said. “They’ll need as many mutts as’n we can breed.” Believing Pax to be correct, Sobek started breeding his own dogs. Before long Sobek had made a name for himself and his dogs. Pups from Sobek’s prize mongrel Dogmeat, could fetch a hefty price at market as they always proved to be loyal guard dogs and capable trackers.

Emilee is a local vet/nurse that has been the object of Sobek’s affections ever since she’d saved Dogmeat from a nearly crippling Rad Weasel bite he’d suffered while defending the Ark during the Great Rad Weasel invasion. Sobek is rather inept when it comes to dealing with most people, and his attempts to woo young Emilee have thus far been so awkward and ill conceived that she does not yet know that Sobek feels anything for her.

Joshua "Sobek" Wells

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