Gavin "Stilts" Tilsley

I've got what ya need, or know 'ow ta get it. Know what I mean?

Strength 2
Agility 3
Wits 4
Empathy 5
Endure 0 Force 0 Fight 2
Sneak 1 Escape 0 Shoot 0
Scout 0 Comprehend 0 Know the Zone 0
Sense Emotion 2 Manipulate 2 Heal 0
Specialist Skill Make a Deal 3
Wheeler Dealer
Frog Legs
Name Age Role
Gavin “Stilts” Tilsley 16 Fixer
Face: Young handsome black youth. Piercings in ears and nose. Wears his hair in a mohawk.
Body: Skinny and abnormally tall (6’8"), mostly in the legs.
Clothing: Torn pants, a shirt made of patched together punk t-shirts, cool retro sunglasses, rat-leather jacket.

Me name’s Gavin. Gavin Tilsley. Although most people just call me “Stilts” or sometimes “Jumpin’ Jack” on account o’ me legs. You’ve prolly ‘eard ov me, and if ya ain’t, ya should know that I’ve got wot ya need. I’ve been on me lonesome in the Ark since me parents kicked it when I was just 10. I learned real quick ‘ow to work people. ’Ow to get by. It wasn’t always ham and cheesy. I’ve ‘ad ter keep me wits about me. ’Ad ter learn ’ow ter run, duck and dive. Ter steal, cheat and tell porky pies. Ter keep myself out ov the bloody reach ov the enforcers. I’ve spent the last few years buildin’ meself a lil’ score and sell business. It’s a profitable occupation in these desperate times, so I do awright.

Made it Robin Hood wif one ov the bloomin’ big bosses, a geezer by the name ov Fat Tom. Gives me a steady supply ov gear ter sell. ’E’s an awright bloke as long as ya stay on ‘is good side. ’E’s a skinny red ’eaded fella wif a good sense fer business. Thankfully, ’e also ’as a good sense ov ’umour too. Prolly why ’im and me get along so ’eaven and ’ell.

I’ve made me share ov enemies an’ all. There’s an enforcer named Dominatrice. She works fer a boss named Mr. Breaker. She’s ‘ad it out fer me ever since I refused ter pay ’er “protecshun.” She makes it a ’abbi’ ter ‘assle me at every chance she gets, but ’asn’t seemed ter work up da guts ter actually carry out ‘er freats. She’ll get what’s comin’ to ‘er in time. I’ll make sure ov it. Know what I mean?

Thankfully, I’ve got me good friend Roland “The ’ammer” ter help look out for me. ’E’s an enforcer ‘imself. ’E watches my back and I give him a good deal on what he needs. I also have a regular crew I ’ang out wif. There’s the stalker named Krieger. He’s a creepy fellow, but ’e’s out in the zone pickin’ up scrap aw the nickle and dime. Good ter do business wif. Then there’s Sketch. ’E’s a chronicler. ‘E seems like an awright bloke. Tells good stories. There’s the lizard man Sobek. This geezer is creepy as awl get out. Still, ‘e breathes fire, so it’s sugar and spice ter ‘ave ’im on your side. And last, but not least there’s Axel. He’s a gearhead who knows the value of good scrap. He’s my number one customer.

I makes me home in the bleedin’ mid-levels of the silo. Close ter where the silo connects ter the launch facili-y. Lets me watch the flow through the Ark bein’ in the Hey Diddle Diddle of everythin’. I’ve managed ter scrounge together enough supplies ter make myself a safe spot tucked in behind some of the pipes in the wall.

The Ark is fallin’ apart and the elder is dyin’. We’re goin’ ter ‘ave ter start lookin’ out for ourselves and venturin’ outside if we wanna survive. I ‘ope someday we can build a frivin’ community and that I’ll be the go ter geezer for everyone. A bloke can dream can’t ’e.

Gavin "Stilts" Tilsley

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