Well hellooo tooo youuuu!


Frouhooloolough (n. froo-hoo-loo-loo)

Ooooh if ever youuu
Dooon’t knooow what tooo dooo
Just pay a visit tooo

Stay and have a chat
Or just a drink or twooo
With that magical cat
Called Frouhooloolough

Frouhooloolough is an odd sort. He speaks in a falsetto and extends his o and u sounds which he uses often. He is gangly, lanky and covered with a fine fuzz of fungus. Frouhooloolough is not all together there.


Frouhooloolough makes his home in Mushroom Alley which he also oversees. His penchant for eating the hallucinogenic mushrooms has left him in a perpetual state of expanded consciousness that makes him an interesting Arker indeed. Don’t let his odd demeanor fool you though. He knows everything that goes on in Mushroom Alley. Some say that he can communicate with the mushrooms that permeate the area…

Frouhooloolough (or Frou as most people call him) is credited with inventing Noooka, and is said to be perpetually trying to perfect it. He also has turned his talents to the brewing of the more simple clink as well as mushroom tea. Frou is also quite the story teller and often speaks of mystic things. As such Frou’s is an often visited spot in the Ark for the more social amongst the People.


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