Merc thug that works for the highest bidder. No questions asked.


Caliber is a man of possessing neither a conscience nor moral compass. Any dirty work too dirty to be done the “respectable” mercy in the Ark will (for a price) be happily carried out by Caliber with a ruthless efficiency… unless the mark is able to make a better offer… in which case Caliber’s employer is likely to end up dead. Or maybe Caliber will just kill them both and keep all the bullets for himself.

Caliber is a braggart and will tell all who listen (and those who get get away) about all the great things he’s done. He goes on and on about the hundreds of men, women, children, and animals he’s killed in his short life.

Caliber is hated by most of the people who meet him, but several of those people swallow their disgust when they need something truly heinous to be done.

Sobek can’t stand Caliber. Is guilty of committing Sobek’s one unforgivable sin… killing one of Sobek’s dogs. Caliber purchased the dog legitimately enough with the hopes of starting a dogfighting ring in the Ark (a fact he obviously his from Sobek). Caliber began beating the dog nearly daily in hopes of “Toughenin’ ’em up.” but when the dog eventually grew tired of the beatings, Caliber had the dog declared feral and had him turned into chow for the Ark.


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