Mutant Year Zero

Sketch's notes for Day 9 - 12

The Ark was attacked by Zone L-15 Wreckers

Day 9

Worked on Gilded Cage

Day 10

During the morning, we were attacked by Zone L-15 Wreckers

Advanced scouts infiltrated our base, main force came with 4 vehicles with giant mallets on top

Bomb found on pedway

Axel managed to diffuse the bomb, Kriger had his skull crushed and died.

Managed to drive them away but took a lot of damage to our defenses

Investigation as to how they infiltrated our base

- told that yesterday after we went to air base, a second group left the ark

To service buildings, Fat Tom’s area / boarded up well

Giant statue created by Axel – Giant Mallet

Day 11
Finished zone wrestling
increased warfare by 1

Day 12

New boss, Ogre – gang of 12
Roland is Sgt. at arms

Called an Assembly
Rebuild defences – passed
Zone expedition – passed
All bosses offer up security for the Ark – passed

Ogre will take on 2 of Malorax’s guys to prove that the zone wrestling was a waste

Turned in the binoc- ulars and upped our technology by 1


Hold on a minute. Goro and Quato in one game? That’s unpossible!

Sketch's notes for Day 9 - 12

hahaha yes sir!!

Sketch's notes for Day 9 - 12

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