Mutant Year Zero

Sketch's notes for Day 1 - Day 5

Explored Zone J-13

Day 1
The Assembly
Outcome: Expedition and Temple

Sketch – Performed for the Ark, received 6 bullets for singing his amazing “songs of the Ark”

Gavin – Made deals and received 12 bullets

Krieger – Went and “Obtained” scrap

Sobek & Axel – Worked on Temple

Day 2
Zone Expedition
Krieger – found us a path to Sector J-13

J-13 – Scrublands (Rot Level 1)
Threat: Found tracks, 4 legged mammals running around in a pack, Dags.

Followed tracks to a cave, found at least 6 dags. Attached them.

Krieger sprained his ankle, Gavin fell and hit his head on rocks, stunned.

We finally killed them. Went into cave, found 4 bullets and a skeleton hunched over holding a metallic ball with a handle and round pin. ( Hand G-Nad artifact)

Headed back to the ARK.

Day 3
Took the G-Nad (Grenade) into the Dawn Vault

Rest of us except Krieger, worked on the Temple

Day 4
Everyone but Krieger worked on the Temple – Finished it.

Day 5
The Assembly
Outcome: Defense & Expedition to Sector L-15

Axel created an Armoured Rot Suit



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