Mutant Year Zero

Sketch's notes for Day 6 - 8

Explored L-15

Day 6

Exploring Sector L-15

Rot Level 1

Approached the fence
We struggled to get under it, Axel rigged up a brace for the fences.

Mutants over in the buildings

Lots of buildings, air control tower, a bomber is being worshiped by the mutants on this site.

We moved around to gain access to the control tower.

Found an artifact – Binar-cleares (Binoculars)

Rested for 4 hours

Moved though old buildings, kept away from other people

Creeper under a window, Sketch looked in. Wreckers spotted me.

Wreckers came out with sling shots, Sketch cut one down with his Machete. Axel attacked another, Sobeks dag attacked one,

Grabbed 6 sling shots, 6 spiked bats, in the wreckers rooms we found a bunch of equipment, torch’s, 2 spades, water, grub.

On our way back to the Ark, we suffered one point of rot.

Day 7

De-contaminated (reduced rot)

Ark Defense project

Day 8
Ark Defense project – Increased warfare by 4 (to 9)

Day 9



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